Amanda Centi
Research Program Manager
Partners Healthcare

Amanda Centi leads the Research Team at Partners Healthcare Pivot Labs. She currently oversees a group of project managers and research analysts focused on testing and validating technology-based solutions in health delivery for preventive and supportive care. To keep up with the fast-paced world of digital health, Amanda’s team conducts outcomes research in new and faster ways in addition to traditional randomized controlled trials. At Pivot Labs, Amanda enjoys working with businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies, to evaluate and validate the digital health products for not only clinical and economic outcomes, but also usability and acceptability.

Ameya Phadke
Senior Manager, Technology & Digital Partnerships
Chiesi USA

Ameya currently leads Chiesi’s corporate development & partnering activities related to technology & digital health. In this role, he helps drive the company’s technology strategy via identification of business needs, the scouting & sourcing of technology partners to fill those needs and finally- leading the transactions to realize those partnerships. Prior to Chiesi, Ameya spent a number of years in progressively increasing roles spanning R&D, strategy & market intelligence at both, Fortune 500 medtech companies and early-stage informatics companies, working on topics ranging from genomics to digital health. Ameya holds a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the University of California- San Diego and a B.S.E. in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ching Tian
General Manager, Digital Accelerator

Ching is a General Manager in Novartis Global Drug Development Data and Digital function leading the decentralized clinical trial effort. Ching has over twenty years experience from biotech/pharma and CRO. She was most recently at PPD as Vice President of Early Clinical Development Services leading the cross-functional CRO service organization. Prior to this role, she led the innovation strategy and implementation effort in the global pharmacovigilance organization at PPD. She also worked at biotech company MedImmune in positions with increasing responsibilities and was lastly Senior Director of Clinical Informatics overseeing Data Management, Statistical Programming, Clinical System Operations and Strategy.

Christopher Tarolli
Assistant Professor of Neurology & Movement Disorders Specialist
University of Rochester Medical Center

Dr. Tarolli is an Assistant Professor of Neurology and movement disorders specialist at the University of Rochester Medical Center. He specializes in the care of patients with Parkinson disease, Huntington disease, and other movement disorders. Dr. Tarolli’s clinical research focuses on using technology-based assessments to develop novel practice models and digital biomarkers in assessing patients with movement disorders. Additionally, Dr. Tarolli focuses on practice-based research, patient outcomes, and palliative care in individuals with Parkinson disease and other neurodegenerative conditions.

Cindy Geoghegan
Principal, Patient & Partners, & Project Lead, Mobile Clinical Trials: Engaging Patients & Sites Project
Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI)

A patient advocate and cancer survivor with decades of health policy, communications and capacity-building experience, Cindy Geoghegan founded Patient & Partners to ensure that the patient perspective is strategically integrated into industry, academic, government and non-profit efforts focused on patient outcomes and clinical benefit.  She has founded, transformed and grown several patient-led non-profit organizations, and represents the patient perspective on research projects sponsored by government, academia and industry.  She currently serves as an individual patient/caregiver representative on CTTI’s Steering Committee and as a team lead for CTTI’s Mobile Clinical Trials Stakeholder Perceptions project.

Claire McCallum
Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of Health & Wellbeing
University of Glasgow

With a background in psychology, Claire completed her PhD in Digital Health at University of Glasgow (Scotland, UK). The PhD explored rapid methodologies (across public health, human computer interaction and data science) for evaluating the effectiveness, engagement and acceptability of physical activity apps and wearables. This included N-of-1 studies, app store trials, behavioural logs, and automation. Claire also explored barriers that academic and industry professionals face when using alternative methods to ‘gold standard’ randomised controlled trials, and app users’ perspectives on participating in these trials. Claire is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Northumbria University (Newcastle) working across the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences and School of Design.

Craig Lipset
Former Head of Clinical Innovation

Craig H. Lipset is Head of Clinical Innovation within Global Product Development at Pfizer.  Craig’s team is responsible for defining and creating the future of clinical development through digital tools, patient engagement, and novel collaborations.  He serves on the Board of Directors for the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research, the Board of Directors for the MedStar Health Research Institute, the Operations Committee for TransCelerate BioPharma, and as a Mentor at health tech accelerator Blueprint Health.  Most recently Craig was named to the Board of Directors for the People Centered Research Foundation, created to sustain and grow the PCORnet national data network for clinical research.

Deb Norman Farlow
Clinical Operations & Research Manager
Akili Interactive Labs

Dr. Farlow has more than a decade of experience in clinical research in a wide range of therapeutic areas in the Pharmaceutical Industry and in Academia.  At Akili, Dr. Farlow is responsible for Clinical Research across all Investigator Initiated programs and leads Clinical Operations for all studies in the Affective/ MDD Program.  Prior to joining Akili, she spent 8 years at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard leading many large discovery efforts, most notably the NHLBI’s Candidate Gene Association Resource (CARe) and the NIMH’s Alzheimer’s Disease Sequencing Project (ADSP).  Before joining the Broad Institute, Dr. Farlow spent 5 years at Millennium Pharmaceuticals driving gene discovery efforts within the Bayer-Millennium Drug Discovery Partnership within the Virology, Hematology, and Cardiovascular collaborative focus areas.  She received her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology with an emphasis in Genomics at the Rockefeller University where her research focused on neuronal degeneration and its underlying genetic causes.  Dr. Farlow was awarded the E.B. Squibb Prize for Best Undergraduate Thesis in Molecular Biology and her A.B. degree with Honors from Princeton University.

Elena Izmailova
Co-founder, Strategic Advisory Board Member & Co-Chair of DiME Research Committee
Digital Medicine (DiME) Society

Elena Izmailova is a clinical scientist with a unique background bridging technology innovation, scientific strategy, and business management. Her main interests lie in biomarker discovery, development, and utilization in the context of clinical trials. Elena is currently Chief Scientific Officer of Koneksa Health, an innovative technology company that accelerates development of new medicines by leveraging wearable technologies to collect real world data, enabling the biopharmaceutical industry to execute more efficient and successful clinical trials. Prior to her appointment with Koneksa Health, Elena led the wearable device clinical innovation group at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, where she created a comprehensive digital roadmap for technology-enabled clinical development. Elena joined the pharmaceutical industry in 2003. At Millennium Pharmaceuticals she led cross- functional teams to develop and deploy clinical biomarker strategies, and directed the bio-analysis function responsible for biomarker assay development, validation and implementation across multiple therapeutic areas and in global clinical trials. She additionally established fruitful collaborations with investigators at several major teaching hospitals, leading to discovery and characterization novel disease biomarkers, and resulting in multiple publications and conference presentations. Elena holds PhD in Biology. She completed postdoctoral training at Massey Cancer Center/MCV and at Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School. She has also held a visiting scientist position at the Whitehead Institute of MIT.

Emily Malseed
Director, Global Clinical Program Management

Emily is currently a Director in Global Clinical Program Management at Amgen, leading the operational development of products in the cardiovascular space.  Additionally, Emily has worked across both early and late stage development in the oncology, neuroscience, and bone disease areas.  As part of her role in drug development, Emily and the teams at Amgen are seeking ways in which digital health opportunities can be utilized to compress timelines, deliver more high quality data, and ultimately bring products to patients faster.  Emily has over 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience and is based in Thousand Oaks, California.

Georgia Mitsi
Senior Director – Search Evaluation, Digital Healthcare
Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

Georgia Mitsi, MBA, PhD, is Senior Director, Head of Digital Health Care Initiatives at Sunovion, which is focused on the innovative application of science, medicine and technologies to help people with serious psychiatric, neurological and respiratory conditions. Dr. Mitsi oversees initiatives that focus on integrating digital health technologies into Sunovion’s solutions to contribute towards the goals to significantly to empower patients to better manage their symptoms and improve quality of life for those who are living with chronic medical conditions.  She also contributes to Sunovion’s support of public-private partnerships designed to accelerate digital health care solutions. Dr. Mitsi was named as a 2018 PharmaVOICE 100 inspirational leader, recognized as a digital expert and transformational leader who is moving the industry forward using a variety of digital strategies and tools.  She was also recognized by CenterWatch as a Top 20 innovator. Dr. Mitsi is a hands-on digital innovator with expertise in health outcomes and health economics research and experience in pharmaceutical and health care industry consulting. Prior to joining Sunovion, Dr. Mitsi was Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Apptomics, which provided scientifically-validated mobile applications.  Previously, she served in health economics and clinical research roles at United BioSource Corporation and in health research services at Humana. Dr. Mitsi is an active blogger on a variety of digital health care topics, and has authored numerous scientific publications and two novels.  She has been a long-time supporter and mentor to digital health start-up companies, and has served as a Judge and Mentor as part of the MIT Enterprise Forum.  Dr. Mitsi holds an MBA in international business from the University of Miami School of Business Administration, and a PhD in Pharmacoepidemiology and MSc in Applied Medical Sciences from the University of Patras.

Gergely Vertes
Solution Accelerator, Wearable for Epilepsy

Gergely Vertes is an experienced healthcare marketing, business development and innovation driver, who has worked at UCB for more than seven years. He studied economics in the Budapest before completing an MBA at Vlerick Management School in 2011.Throughout his career, Gergely has worked at the intersection of technology, healthcare and patient centricity, focusing on novel and impactful user experiences and operational excellence. Key projects have included the roll out of an interactive tablet based customer interaction platform across Europe, initiating the development and launch of the UCB Neureca digital webinar and multichannel series, with a global remit driving the Pediatric indication extension efforts. Currently he is leading the IMI CNS RADAR epilepsy work package and UCB`s seizure detection development partnership.  

Hassan Kadhim
Director, Head of Clinical Trial Business Capabilities
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Hassan is currently Director, Head of Clinical Trial Business Capabilities at BMS. He’s a multilingual professional with 10+ years experience with informatics and digital technology in the pharmaceutical / biotechnology industry. With university degrees in Bioinformatics and in Clinical R&D, Hassan has a great mix of pharmaceutical industry Drug Discovery and Clinical Operations knowledge and Informatics. He has contributed in driving forward the vision of patient centricity and digital health when at BI by promoting the Remote Clinical Trial model, and implementing several innovative digital health technologies in Clinical Trials to drive Patient Centricity. Hassan regularly interacts with key stakeholders to provide innovative solutions to critical problems. Hassan is an active contributor to Transcelerate and the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI).

Jamie Adams
Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology & Center for Health + Technology
University of Rochester Medical Center

Jamie Adams is an assistant professor in the Department of Neurology, with a dual appointment in the Center for Health + Technology, at the University of Rochester Medical Center.  She specializes in the care of patients with movement disorders, including Parkinson disease, Huntington disease, essential tremor, and dystonia. Her research to date has focused on evaluating the use of technology, such as wearable sensors, smartphone applications, and telemedicine, in individuals with Parkinson disease and Huntington disease. Incorporating these tools, which can serve as objective outcome measures, into clinical trials could help speed therapeutic development for these neurodegenerative diseases.

Jason Trees
Director, Product Management & Head, R&D
Akili Interactive Labs

Jason Trees is the Director of Product Management and Head of the R&D program at Akili Interactive Labs Inc. He received his M.S. in Biology from the University of California San Diego, specializing in computational neuroscience research. In addition, he has worked in the entertainment game industry at Daybreak Game Company, aiding in the analysis and development of multiple titles across their portfolio, including H1Z1: King of the Kill, DC Universe Online, and Planetside 2. Jason aims to bring together the worlds of hard science and engaging game design to build best in class, clinically validated, digital therapeutics for the modern age.

Jeremy Wyatt

Jeremy Wyatt is the CTO at ActiGraph, an industry leading global provider of physical activity and sleep monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical and academic industries.  Jeremy's 20 years of experience in working with low-power micro-electro-mechanical systems and related cloud technology have given him a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of deploying wearable technology to produce meaningful patient data.  He has an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Florida and an MBA from the University of West Florida. ActiGraph's ecosystem of of medical-grade physical activity monitors and cloud software ensure clients are collecting pure, raw signal data from patients for small and large studies. ActiGraph's long-standing history in academic research gives the company a unique foundation for helping clients derive novel, meaningful insights from wearable sensor data.

Kamal Jethwani
Senior Director, Pivot Labs
Partners Healthcare

As the Senior Director of Partners Pivot Labs, Kamal Jethwani leads a multidisciplinary team in creating and validating innovative, technology-enabled solutions to re-imagine the healthcare experience. Kamal focuses on enabling better care delivery by improving patient engagement, patient-provider communication, and patient satisfaction with care using technology-enabled solutions. His work so far has shown that programs that are personalized to each patient’s unique psychology and needs forge higher engagement, and in turn, better outcomes. Kamal continues to develop analytic and programmatic modalities to improve the personalization of connected health. He has worked extensively with sensor technology, wearables, and mobile as well as social media. The ability to personalize care and understand behavioral motivations that dictate health choices remains central to all his work at Pivot Labs.

Kyle Holen
Head, Development Design Center

Trained as a medical oncologist at Columbia University and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Kyle began his career treating patients with GI tumors at the University of Wisconsin. There, his research interests included early phase trials and novel therapies for GI and neuroendocrine tumors. His educational responsibilities included leading the UW medical oncology fellowship program. He left academia to pursue drug development at AbbVie in 2009 and has since had roles as medical director, senior medical director, senior project lead, and executive medical director. He is currently the head of the Development Design Center, a center that assists clinical teams with their programs and trials using big data/predictive analytics and innovative strategies.

Leyla Rich
Associate Director, Clinical Trial Engagement & Enrollment, Global Clinical Operations
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Leyla is an Associate Director, in Clinical Trial Engagement and Enrollment in Global Clinical Operations at Bristol-Myers Squibb. She seeks innovative approaches to ensure patient, caregiver, and site perspectives are captured, shared, and translated into meaningful opportunities that drive an improved experience before, during, and after trials. Through this work, she is also a core-team member of an innovation working group focused on de-risking new technologies for clinical trials. Leyla earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from North Carolina State University and her MBA from the College of William and Mary.

Lindsey Riley
Associate Director - Research Partnerships
The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

In her role as Senior Associate Director at the Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF), Lindsey is responsible for oversight of the Fox Insight study, the organization’s flagship online clinical study of the lived experience of Parkinson’s disease (PD).  Since joining MJFF in 2016, she has managed several sponsored observational cohort studies, and focuses primarily on study operations & strategic planning.  Lindsey graduated from Washington College with a BA in Psychology and holds a Masters in Public Health from New York University.

Patrick Hankey
Strategic Business Development

Patrick Hankey, Ph.D., is a bioscientist and pioneer of the wearable sensor industry with extensive experience of their expanding application in clinical trials and medical research. As a 2009 VivoSense founding team member Patrick is responsible for corporate business development and strategic partnerships. Originally from Northern Ireland, Patrick earned a Ph.D., in Cell Biology from The Queen’s University, Belfast. Following a period as a postdoctoral research scientist at The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Patrick began his commercial research career with the CROs Parexel and Chiltern International later taking Digital Health consultant roles at Oracle Corporation and Medidata.

Rasmus Hogreffe
Head of Virtual Clinical Trials
LEO Innovation Lab

Rasmus Hogreffe joined the Leo Innovation Lab in January 2019 and is currently the Team Manager of the Virtual Clinical Trial project, with the main goal of improving treatment for patients, by making trials better and faster than ever before, using digital and remote innovations. He holds a Master in Medical Science (MSc. Medicine) from Aalborg University, Denmark and has, since 2010, been working in the healthcare industry in various positions within clinical research & development. Rasmus has extensive experience in the pharmaceuticals industry both within marketing, medical market access, HEOR, project management, sites-optimization, and study-start up. Rasmus has been involved in more than 40 clinical trials, giving him a broad knowledge regarding every aspect of clinical research.

Tushar Parlikar
Product Lead
Verily Life Sciences LLC

Tushar Parlikar, M.S., Ph.D. is a Product Lead at Verily Life Sciences LLC’s (formerly Google Life Sciences) Cambridge office.  Tushar focuses on consumer and medical device development, including Verily's investigational and FDA-approved Study Watch devices.  He has played an integral role in its deployment to clinical studies including Verily's Project Baseline and the Netherlands PPP Study. Prior to joining Verily, Tushar was at Google Inc., and also a cofounder at MPowerD Systems LLC and Simba Medical LLC.  Tushar received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from MIT. His dissertation research was in the modeling and identification of the cardiovascular system, specifically estimating cardiac output from blood pressure.

Zachary Kabelac
Senior Researcher

Dr. Zachary Kabelac received his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT in 2019.  His work has contributed to the fields of wireless communications and remote patient monitoring and has enabled the creation of the Emerald technology, which he presented to President Obama in the White House in 2015.  Dr. Kabelac has published in numerous top venues in computer science and holds multiple patents around the Emerald technology and other wireless systems.  He now manages large projects with the Michael J. Fox Foundation and NIH Udall Center at the University of Rochester to explore Emerald’s ability to monitor Parkinson Disease.