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Analyzing activity and behavior data for better health - designed exclusively for researchers and healthcare professionals. Our technologies and data analysis approaches are validated by over 200 peer-reviewed scientific papers and are used in over 40 countries. Our dedicated professional services consider all aspects of managing data including collection, privacy, and validation. Our relationships with researchers and leaders in public health give us unparalleled access to the evolving global health outlook.


Expertise Partner:

Cardiac Insight, Inc. is a leading U.S. digital healthcare company
specializing in the development of medical-grade, body-worn sensor technology, and automated cardiac analysis solutions through its proprietary algorithms and software.
Universities and pharma industry conducting large scale studies rely on the company’s products for raw data accessibility, analysis, and tools designed specifically for research. Products include the Cardea SOLO™ Wearable ECG System and the Cardea 20/20 ECG™ - the only ECG engineered for an athlete’s heart.