8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

The Patient Perspective: The Heart of the Trial

9:00 am Panel: Including Patient Perspectives from the Start

  • Dave Bjork Director of Development, FRAXA Research Foundation
  • Dave Jacob CEO & Patient Advocate, The ThinkGenetic Foundation
  • Rachel Chasse Director of Innovation, Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)

9:40 am Empowering Patients to Participate in Clinical Research Through Digital Recruitment

10.10 Speed Networking Session & Morning Break

11:00 am Janssen’s Attrition Mission: A UX Case Study

11:40 am Managing Patient Adherence for Digital Devices: An AbbVie Case Study

12.10 Lunch & Networking

Wearables: Optimizing Their Utility

1:10 pm Increasing Patient Centricity While Developing Digital Endpoints

  • Alicia Staley Representative Speaker & Patient Advocate, CTTI - Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative

1:50 pm Biometric Monitoring Devices: The Present & the Future

  • Elena Izmailova Co-founder, Strategic Advisory Board Member & Co-Chair of DiMe Research Committee, Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)

2:20 pm Keep on Walking: Progresses in Developing Digital Endpoints for Gait (a Pfizer Case Study)

  • Hao Zhang Senior Manager, Biomedical Engineering, Pfizer

2.50 Afternoon Break & Networking

3:10 pm Interactive Discussion Groups

3.10 What’s More Valid than Valid?

  • How do you validate a new wearable with little else to
    compare it to?

Ariel Dowling,
Director of Digital Strategy,

3.10 Digital Endpoints

  • What are the main challenges around defining digital endpoints, and how can we work together to overcome them?

3.10 Engaging with the Patient, What are they Really Looking for?

  • A chance to ask more direct questions and solve challenges surrounding engagement

Dave Bjork
Director of Development
FRAXA Research Foundation

3.10 Cyber Security

  • How can we build a trial that considers cyber security from day one?

Penny Chase
Sr Principal Scientist

Margie Zuk
Senior Principal Cybersecurity Engineer

3:50 pm Fireside Chat How Collaborate for Collective Benefit

4.30 Chair’s Closing Remarks