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9:00 am Online Registration & Virtual Coffee Networking

9:55 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

10:00 am Panel: Including Patient Perspectives from the Start

  • Dave Bjork Director of Community Relations , FRAXA Research Foundation
  • Dave Jacob CEO & Patient Advocate, The ThinkGenetic Foundation
  • Craig Lipset Former Head of Clinical Innovation, Pfizer


  • Discussing the new FDA patient- centric regulations
  • Reaffirming why these conversations make money
  • Explaining the various ways of engagement

10:40 am Demystifying Digital Biomarkers Through the Eyes of Neurodegenerative Diseases


  • Analyse the importance of digital biomarkers in their conjunction with conventional methods
  • Gain an enhanced understanding of the biomarkers produced by multiple devices and wearables
  • Hear a case study of how this has been done within the context of neuroimaging for neurodegenerative conditions, but why that will fit a context much greater than these conditions

11.10 Virtual Speed Networking


Grab a quick cup of tea or coffee from the comfort of your own kitchen and jump straight into your opportunity to connect with new contacts from active companies in the field and exchange digital business cards. Network and form lasting connections through this exclusive virtual speed networking!

12:00 pm Janssen’s Attrition Mission: A UX Case Study


  • Keeping the patient journey paramount to decrease attrition rates
  • Understanding how to keep patients engaged with mHealth technologies
  • Revealing how UX has helped improve patient retention & adherence

12:40 pm Managing Patient Adherence for Digital Devices: An AbbVie Case Study


  • Investigating past experiences in improving patient adherence
  • Looking at the what lessons to take into the future

1:10 pm

1.10 Networking Lunch & Roundtable Discussions

What's More Valid then Valid?

  • How do you validate a new wearable with little else to compare it to?

Ariel Dowling, Director of Digital Strategy, Takeda

Digital Endpoints

  • What are the main challenges around defining digital endpoints, and how can we work together to overcome them?

Hao Zhang, Senior Manager
Biomedical Engineering, Pfizer

Engaging with the Patient, What are they Really Looking for?

  • A chance to ask more direct questions and solve challenges surrounding engagement.

Dave Bjork, Director of Development, FRAXA Research Foundation

Wearables: Optimizing Their Utility

2:10 pm Newer Long-Term Ambulatory ECG Wearables – Getting The Most Value From Your Data


  • Power of full disclosure and Rhythm Signatures™
  • Time variant heart rate and ventricular ectopy
  • QT dynamics and temporal change

2:40 pm Increasing Patient Centricity While Developing Digital Endpoints

  • Alicia Staley Representative Speaker & Patient Advocate, CTTI - Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative


  • Revealing ways in which patients engage with each other and trial sponsors
  • Providing insight into the ways CTTI aid transformation in this space
  • Detailing technical information with regard to digital endpoint detection strategies

3:10 pm Biometric Monitoring Devices: The Present & the Future

  • Elena Izmailova Co-founder, Strategic Advisory Board Member & Co-Chair of DiMe Research Committee, Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)


  • Detailing continuous data collection & repeated remote measurements
  • Sharing novel insights regarding the importance of high-quality measurements
  • Examining navigation through the regulatory landscape
  • Reaffirming how to design validation experiments to define if a device is fit for purpose

3:40 pm Keep on Walking: Progresses in Developing Digital Endpoints for Gait (a Pfizer Case Study)

  • Hao Zhang Senior Manager, Biomedical Engineering, Pfizer


  • Analyzing data quality: from the device to the study design
  • Describing the exploratory stages in endpoint investigation

4.10pm Afternoon Break & Networking

4:40 pm User Experience: Why Now?


  • How to learn what makes a product experience valuable and worthwhile for your participants
  • Setting up positive engagement cycles in your product and how to provide valuable feedback to your users to motivate ongoing compliance
  • How to make mHealth data collection tools intuitive and pleasurable to use
  • How digital tools can enhance the quality and quantity of the data collecte

5:10 pm How to Collaborate for Collective Benefit


  • Describing the Open Wearables Initiative
  • Exploring the advantages of collaboration
  • Strengthening validation and accelerating regulation

17.40 Closing Remarks & End of Day 1