8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Delving into Data

9:00 am Waiter: This Data isn’t Raw Enough!

9:30 am Data Sharing Through Building Effective Partnerships

  • David Alonso Data Product Manager, The Michael J. Fox Foundation

10:00 am Cyber Security & its Role in Patient Safety

  • Penny Chase Senior Principal Scientist, MITRE
  • Margie Zuk Senior Principal Cybersecurity Engineer, MITRE

10:30 am Getting the Best Data & the Best From Your Data

11.00 Morning Break & Networking

Trial Structure: Preparing for Scalability & Growth

11:30 am Opportunities, Challenges & Reality of Scale

  • Pavan Choksi Investment Associate & Strategic Advisory Board Member, Arkitekt Ventures & Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)

12:00 pm Fireside Chat Piloting with a Purpose: How to Avoid the Death by a Thousand Pilots When Bringing New Technologies to Clinical Trials

  • Ameya Phadke Senior Manager, Technology & Digital Partnerships, Chiesi USA

12.30 Lunch & Networking

1:30 pm The Utility of Real-World Data in Clinical Trial Cohort Design & Synthetic Control Arms

  • Emir Roach Senior Director in Strategy, Innovation & Transformation, Takeda

2:00 pm Hunting for a Data Baseline & Investing into Future Trials

2:30 pm Specialized Wearables & Their Roles in Protocol-Centered Interventions

  • Kunal Mankodiya Associate Professor (tenured), Dept of Electrical, Computer, & Biomedical Engineering, University of Rhode Island

3:00pm Afternoon Break & Networking

The New Decade

3:30 pm Let’s get Physical: How Wearables can Help with Physical Movement Rehab

4:00 pm The Use of Physical Activity Monitors to Measure & Promote Exercise in Parkinson’s & Huntington’s Disease

  • Lori Quinn Associate Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University

4:30 pm

Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference