Delving into Data

9:00 am Virtual Coffee Networking

9:55 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

10:00 am Waiter: This Data isn’t Raw Enough!


  • Discussing the trade-off between data capture and data processing
  • Addressing the risks of data capture prior to approval

10:30 am Data Sharing Through Building Effective Partnerships

  • David Alonso Data Product Manager, The Michael J. Fox Foundation


  • Describing an overview of the Foundation’s data sharing philosophy and how it supports our mission
  • Detailing the data sharing ecosystem and partnerships that support these efforts
  • Reaffirming the impact of data sharing on the patient and researcher community

11:00 am Capturing Objective Clinical Data for your Trial


• Data capture with wearable Actigraphy Motion Biosensor
• Clinical data flow from device to site
• Advanced algorithms and sensors for quality data

11.10 Morning Break & Networking

Trial Structure: Preparing for Scalability & Growth

11:40 am Opportunities, Challenges & Reality of Scale

  • Pavan Choksi Investment Associate & Strategic Advisory Board Member, Arkitekt Ventures & Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)


  • Optimizing company structure for scale
  • Analyzing alternative models for gaining capital
  • Prioritizing logistical challenges in scaling
  • Determining where to start

12:10 pm Fireside Chat – Piloting with a Purpose: How to Avoid the Death by a Thousand Pilots When Bringing New Technologies to Clinical Trials


  • Analyzing the best strategies for building a new technological pilot study
  • Delving into methods that ensure value is brought to the pilot

12.40 Lunch & Networking

1:40 pm The Utility of Real-World Data in Clinical Trial Cohort Design & Synthetic Control Arms


  • Investigating the worth of data outside of the clinic site
  • Distinguishing the needs of the patient on the digital platforms

2:10 pm Hunting for a Data Baseline & Investing into Future Trials


  • Discussing the ROI when selecting new wearables
  • Providing examples of failure within technological investment

14.40 Afternoon Break & Networking

The New Decade

3:10 pm Specialized Wearables & Their Roles in Protocol-Centered Interventions

  • Kunal Mankodiya Associate Professor (tenured), Dept of Electrical, Computer, & Biomedical Engineering, University of Rhode Island


  • Reavaluating ‘ideal conditions’: How to develop technology for real life scenarios
  • Solidifying what logistical issues demand most attention
  • Explaining the considerations of data visualization for third party use

3:40 pm Let’s get Physical: How Wearables can Help with Physical Movement Rehab


  • Tying physical rehabilitation into quantitative measures
  • Detailing the patient perspective on rehabilitation expectations
  • Educating the next generation about the future potential

4:10 pm The Use of Physical Activity Monitors to Measure & Promote Exercise in Parkinson’s & Huntington’s Disease

  • Lori Quinn Associate Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University


  • Investigating the patient’s engagement with different wearable devices
  • Reviewing what the data does/doesn’t tell us
  • Foreseeing future potential for clinical trials

4:40 pm

End of Virtual Conference